Consciousness in Action: The Power of Beauty, Love and Courage in a Violent Time by Andrew Beath




PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Consciousness in Action, by Andrew Beath

The only way to end destructive human tendencies like ecological degradation and economic imbalance is for individuals to undergo spiritual self-examination and recognize their responsibility to nature, argues Beath, a passionate environmental activist and the driving force behind the EarthWays Foundation. This inspirational book aims to guide people from "well-meaning but self-centered naiveté to... 'conscious activism.'"

To that end, Beath presents his views as well as the stories and advice of 15 "social change leaders," including Julia Butterfly Hill, who spent more than two years living in an ancient Redwood tree to keep it from being cut down; Peter Levitt, who works with inner city youths; and the late psychiatrist and activist John Mack (2004). All of the above stress the humanitarian ideals of compassion, tolerance, non-violent activism and an appreciation and respect for living creatures.

Though Beath declares somewhat dramatically in the first chapter that "the Earth bleeds on the cross of human industry," he and his fellow activists remain confident that public concern over the environment and the culture is increasing.

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