Consciousness in Action: The Power of Beauty, Love and Courage in a Violent Time by Andrew Beath




TRISH CORBETT: Consciousness in Action, by Andrew Beath


Andrew Beath weaves his considerable wisdom throughout this important book in juxtaposition to interviews, poetry, and the narratives of life experiences of carefully selected activists and thinkers.

The activists are progressive leaders whose lives show that courageous choices come from the heart in service to life. This book can be read and referred back to again and again because of its clear organization. Readers will want to return to its wealth of knowledge and also to the important quotes that the author has selected to support and inspire social change.

Andrew Beath guides the reader to a broader awareness of our worldview, and its consequences, through his profound insights. His focus on seven vital attributes of consciousness will help readers on their own journey to make whatever contribution they can toward the creation of a peaceful, sustainable and habitable Earth. He points out the crucial importance of personal transformation, joy and Eros (a quality of loving connection that is inherent in all beings) for anyone taking action to improve our situation on our planet. He does not avoid the pain and despair we feel about the destruction of Earth and shares his experiences, along with those of others, on how to cope and remain whole.

The author believes in "natural harmony," which he defines as "a healthy human-god-nature relationship," saying that connection and interdependence is its essence. This is an important book to help us to wake up from a society-induced trance where we turn away, out of fear and hopelessness, when we can make a difference through the power of beauty, love and courage in a violent time.

--Trish Corbett


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